Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DevTeach 2008, Toronto!

Yesterday was the first day of DevTeach 08.  Actually, it was the pre-conference.  The session I did was really great, although it was very long and dense.  The instructor had planned an 11 hour session and had to compact it down to only 8 hours.

When I arrived yesterday morning for the session, I came down the escalator to the conference level.  There was a great spread of coffee, rolls, donuts, and juice.  The first thing I noticed was that everyone hovering around the food tables was wearing a suit.  Then I noticed the fellow shooing the hungry geeks away from the table.  Apparently there was a law firm conference yesterday.  The contrast of processionals made me smile.

It's all about the service

Last evening we had dinner at a nice restaurant.  We wouldn't have stopped, except the hostess was outside and she flagged us down to chat with Evelyn.  After wandering back and forth a bit, we came back to the restaurant because she was so nice.  The hostess and waiter were both saints, which is a good thing because Evelyn was far too tired last night.

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