Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Insomniacs' Union

As a teenager, I frequently arrived home late at night or stayed up late-especially on the weekends.  My grandmother lived with us, and it was not infrequent that I would run into her at two in the morning, making herself a snack in the kitchen.  Her complaint was always the same.  She had "leg cramps".  It wasn't until I started experiencing my own "leg cramps" that I realized she probably had what we now call "restless legs syndrome".

My own sleeping habits are now similar to my grandmother's.  It isn't unusual for me to get up after trying to sleep for a couple of hours and hang out in the kitchen.  Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and need to move about.  If I exercise during the day, my legs don't usually bother me at night.  Failure to run or bike is almost a guarantee for sleeping problems.

The past two nights, our daughter has woken in the middle of the night, gotten out of bed, and come to find her Mom.  Should she and I start a union for insomniacs?

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