Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bad Parents

This weekend we had a very special treat for Evelyn this weekend.  Sesame Street Live!  Elmo holds a very special place in Evelyn’s heart…second only to Minnie Mouse.

The show was at 7 pm, but we got to East Lansing a bit early.  We killed some time perusing Sears and picked up a set of pajamas for Evelyn so we could get her ready for bed when we left the show.  As the show neared, we drove to the Breslin Center and parked in the event lot.

Strangely enough, the lot was empty except for perhaps two other cars.  A family was walking into the parking lot with a youngster holding an Elmo doll, so I asked why they were headed the wrong direction.

“Well, we knew that Sesame Street is in town and we thought there might be a show tonight.”

Odd, I thought there was a show.  We doubled checked our tickets and both of us had that stomach-in-throat sinking feeling.  There was a seven o’ clock show.  Unfortunately our show was Friday, not Saturday.  Having pumped Evelyn up we had to explain to her that we were idiots and showed up a day late for the show.  It would have been easier if she had thrown a tantrum, but she didn’t.  She just started crying quietly.

Aimee explained that we made a mistake, but that we’d try to fix it.  When we got home we found that, much to our relief, there was a Sunday show.  We bought tickets and updated Evelyn.  She reassured us “You not make a mistake!”


So, we caught up to Elmo a day later than we expected.  I’m at a loss as to how both Aimee and I managed to screw up the date, since it was on both of our calendars!

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