Sunday, May 30, 2010

BP, I don’t understand

Now that BP’s most recent attempt to stop the oil in the Gulf of Mexico has failed, they have decided to revert to a revised version of their doomed “top hat” idea from several weeks ago.  They indicate that the “top hat” will be ready in four to seven days.

I don’t understand.  BP is facing tremendous cost every day that the spill continues.  They started trying the current technique four days ago, and for weeks they must have been trying to figure out which trick is really going to work.  Given that the cost of readying multiple techniques at once pales when compared to the cost of the spill, wouldn’t it have made sense for BP to start working on the “top hat” weeks ago?  For part of this project, they need to cut the riser pipe, which I’m sure will take time.  Once again, though, couldn’t they have started trimming the pipe weeks ago?


Anonymous said...

BP has been trying to deal with the problem on a p.r. level.

They withheld details as long as they could. Grossly underestimated the amount of oil leaking and said don't worry about it we'll float the bill. everyone be propared when b.p. has to pay out and begs some dough from obama or the queen of england. Research the b in the situation.

British impunity.
The queen and obama agree, let's just let it run it's course.
We can't change horses in mid stream.

We will watch our television and respond with the outrage equivilant to getting the wrong meal at McDonalds.

Just clowning around.

The russians suggested nuking the leak. Some say they are just trying to coax us into environmental armegedon, others, excluding corporate executives at bp explained. If we nuke it it's no good for anyone. We might not need gas anymore but we desire it.

To me it is the end result of appetite combined with apathy.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the gulf and it is beautiful, or it was... Barry shouldn't have signed up for the job is he lacked the ball to bring change. Change may mean getting killed like JFK. At least he tried. I don't want to say that the president should be shot, impeached maybe, but not killed. I don't think mccain or pailin or kerry or gore cold do a better job. Barry is doing all he can do, in my opinion. Barry can't affect change because America hasn't changed. We have to force him to do something. Nothing is accomplished without commitment. If we were committed to change we would have demanded it by now. We demand entertainment. NOW.