Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Pancake Nazi

Aimee has been telling me for quite a while how wonderful Saugatuck is. We had never gone there together, so we decided to spend a night there as part of our anniversary tradition. It is a pretty neat place, especially the state park.

While were were searching for a place to have breakfast, we wandered past Ida Red's. The line was out the door and down the block, though, so we didn't stop. On our way back through we were ready for lunch, and they were able to seat us immediately.

The patio was fantastic, with all kinds of foliage visible out the back of the restaurant. As we perused the menu, we saw an item that made us think of my brother. My brother is the world's greatest connoisseur of pancakes. In fact, finding a place he might like the pancakes is a huge achievement.

Yep. Alan might like those. What you can't see on this blurb of menu is their description of the ingredients. They claim to use only fresh fruit and real butter. We were just about to call and tell my brother that he should come try these out, when we saw the show-stopper\deal-breaker on the back:

Hmm. Have I ever seen him order off a menu without tweaking it first? Maybe he wouldn't like this place so much after all....

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Anonymous said...

First chance I get we're headed for Pancakes:)