Friday, June 22, 2007

Those Crazy Law Students

First, I'd like to apologize for note getting a picture to demonstrate what I'm talking about.  This afternoon as I was returning from an errand, I walk past our local law school.  In passing, I observed a scooter chained to one of the bike racks.

Gas Scooter (United Kingdom)Now, this thing is pretty large.  It caught my eye.  Without really considering what I had seen, I kept on walking.  At the end of the block I came upon another building from the same law school, and another scooter chained to a bicycle rack.  My first thought was "What kind of cheapskate buys one of these things in order to scam free parking at the bike rack?!  A moment of reflection reminded me that I was standing outside a law school.  Then I realized, these are perfect for law students.

They don't cost much to run.  Parking is free.  If you get hit by another motorist, you can sue them and get credit for an independent study project!

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