Thursday, August 30, 2007

Store Credit

This CNN article details Toys R Us' recall of crayon and paint sets due to excessive levels of lead.  Again, straight from China.  What caught my eye was this bit from the article:

The CPSC said that no injuries were reported but advised that consumers should stop using the product immediately and take the products away from children and return the item to the nearest Toys "R" Us store for store credit.

Let me try to get something straight here.  I'm a little slow due to the Chinese lead popsicles I've been enjoying recently.  Toys R Us is poisoning the children that people buy things for, and they won't even issue a refund so the consumer can buy products from another outlet?  Shameless.

What I find interesting is that had these products been made in the United States, the factory and the product would likely have been tested for lead regularly.  We don't even trade property with lead in it.  Do we simply not test imported products for contaminants? 

Perhaps I used the wrong approach for manufacturing my Mercury Slushy product.  Next time I'll farm the work out to China; at least that will keep those nosy U.S. government regulators off my tail.

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