Friday, September 7, 2007

National Ponzi Scheme

As I read through the news this morning, I came across the term "Ponzi Scheme".  I've never looked up the definition, so I figured now would be a good time to do just that.  It turns out that a Ponzi scheme is a rouse destined to fail.  "Investors" are promised enormous "returns" on their investments, which they get because they are paid by other "investors" money.

Sound familiar?  In case your primary residence is under a rock, let me tell you something awful.  Social Security is a revolving door.  Money paid in by people today isn't put into a special account.  It is paid right back out as a benefit to someone already using the system.  The system works really well as long as the number of workers in the country always increases.  If the number of workers decreases enough, and the number of people using the benefits increases enough then the system will collapse.  As a matter of fact you may already have heard that people are having fewer children, and living longer.

As with so many other ideas, someone else has thought the same thing.  Check with the All Seeing Eye.  I'm pretty sure we should treat this like other Ponzi schemes.  Shut it down and throw someone in prison.


CresceNet said...
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George Carty said...

Stop repeating Bushite corporatist propaganda!

US Social Security offers payouts approximately equal to the amount paid in, not the enormous profits offered by true Ponzi schemes (and which are the reason why Ponzi schemes require an ever-increasing number of "investors").