Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Strange Bedfellows

You've surely heard of the scandal surrounding Senator Craig.  While he should certainly have known better than to plead guilty to any charges, I'm not entirely convinced that the police were acting ethically.  In fact, they might have been acting illegally.

My idea of political nirvana is a virtual stalemate.  Most of the laws we need are already on the books, and the really important ones will still get passed.  The rest are simply a waste of time and complication of the law.  One of the great tools for maintaining that stalemate, and exposing the absurdity propagated by our government is the legal system.  My conservative friends usually shame me for cheering on the ACLU, but who better to stall legislation and inspect the interpretation of the law?

You can imagine my surprise, and mirth at the idea of the ACLU defending Senator Craig.

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