Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sometimes We Need Emergencies

You may have heard of a perfectly awful situation called "Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy".  In these situations a parent will insist that their child is ill, and even fabricate or induce symptoms in the child.  If you've seen The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen, you may recognize the similarities.  In the story the Baron spends a lot of time not helping people.  If he fixed problems before they were problems, he wouldn't be much of a hero.  Heroes fix big problems, not little ones.

Many of us see and try to fix problems every day, but we are often stymied by people who do not perceive the same level of emergency.  If we repeatedly try to impart our urgency, eventually we'll usually get tuned out.  Perhaps the Baron had a better approach.  Fabricate the solution, and wait for an emergency to arise.  Then people will be ready to listen.

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