Saturday, October 27, 2007


Our daughter is 13 months old now.  Her bedroom is attached to our living room, and has a glass door on it.  We thought that would make it easy to watch her when she was little.  It was.  Unfortunately, things have changed.

Evelyn knows a few words.  Dog.  Cat.  Dad.  Aimee and I are both in school, so we study.  Our desks are in the living room, and mine is visible from Evelyn's crib.  A 0930071456a couple of weeks ago she seemed very tired, so we put her in bed for a nap.  We waited for the noise from her room to subside, then we crept back to our desks.

My bottom hadn't even touched the seat when I knew I had been thwarted.  A cacophony of "Da! Da! Da! Da!" came from the room adjacent the living room.  I risked a glance, and sure enough, Evelyn was standing in her crib.  Arms over the top, looking right at me.  So much for the glass door.

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