Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cloaking Device

When my wife and I bought a second car, I wanted something large enough to pull a trailer, yet economical enough for daily driving.  The solution was a Cadillac Sedan Deville.  Ours is a '95.  It comfortably seats a family of 10 and gets 26 MPG on the freeway and about 22.5MPG for my daily commuting.  Not bad, considering the 4.9 liter V-8 shoehorned under the hood...sideways.

Recently I completed work on my new invention: a cloaking device.  The Cadillac was the obvious choice for testing my new invention, so I installed it yesterday.  During my morning commute today, its functionality was evidenced by the other drivers' complete ignorance of my presence on the road.

You may be skeptical.  Perhaps they just didn't see me, you may be thinking to yourself.  The SS Deville takes up an entire lane, leaving only inches on either side.  The rear turn signals are literally over a foot high, and they are augmented by front turning lamps.  A turning lamp, by the way, is a headlight aimed out the side of your car.  It illuminates the lane next to you, and all the houses within 1/4 mile of the road.  Give or take 10 feet.

The cloaking device clearly works because despite its size, and copious use of turn signals, the SS Deville remained completely undetected this morning.  Nobody noticed the spectacle of illumination during lane changes.  Every other driver overlooked our lane filling presence.  It would have been a serene drive if it weren't for the confusion caused to other drivers when my car magically appeared in another lane, despite having been previously invisible.

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Anonymous said...

Funny - I have a similar cloaking device and didn't even know it. Min must be the later model thank yours since mine cloaks an entire 38' 27,000# truck - resulting in like looks of astonishment from fellow road users.