Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Making Great Products

Have you ever wondered how great products get created?  If you have ever worked with a marketing department, I'll bet that you've cursed them at least once.  Marketers are forever promising the impossible...but more often than not, it seems that the impossible is what gets delivered.

A couple weeks ago, Fawaz Gruosi of Grisogono was featured in Men's Journal (June, 2008).  In the article, he describes a new idea for a watch.  This watch is a mechanical digital watch.  It requires regular winding, but has digits on the face instead of analog hands.  You can imagine the meeting when he dropped this idea on his engineers.  First, of course, they laughed.

He was serious, though, and he wanted his watch.  "My strength is not having a notion of the difficulties behind the ideas", he remarked for the interview.

Sometimes greatness requires ignorance.

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