Thursday, April 12, 2012


In retrospect, the term BYOD should have seemed like more of a harbinger to me than it did at the time. In case you have never heard the term, it refers to "Bring Your Own Device". This phenomenon has been ushered in by the plethora of Google and Apple devices that consumers have become enamored by. When people change jobs, they are reluctant to leave their cherished devices behind.

Although I had read a lot about the BYOD phenomenon, I always thought about it from a security perspective. It never occurred to me to think about it from a "What will happen to Blackberry" perspective until our network administrator took me aside and said "We only have five Blackberry users left in our organization. Can I buy them iPhones and shut down the Blackberry server? They are a lot easier to support."

Suddenly, I really like BYOD. I also realized that RIM was facing an unprecedented uphill battle to reclaim their share of the phone market.

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