Monday, July 9, 2012

Easily Confused

I bought a car last week against the advice of my brother who observed that the car is impractical and that I paid too much. Of course, that kind of nagged at the back of my brain. On the day I drove it home I had an incident in a parking lot where it wouldn't start. It turned over like a champ, but refused to start. I opened the gas cap, tried again, and it fired right up. Now I really started to worry. What if my brother was right and I'd been taken? The same thing happened again yesterday morning. It was sickening. Naturally I pulled out my smart phone and started searching for similar problems. Someone mentioned an issue with the chip in the key going bad, others complained of a blocked fuel filter. I decided to start with a filter replacement in the near future. Later in the day we drove to Lansing and it refused to start up once we got there. This time I checked the dash for the theft indicator to see if it was the chip in the key. Sure enough, the theft indicator was flashing! So I turned the key around to see if that helped. Nope. Then I looked more carefully at the key. It turns out that the trunk key will fit the ignition, and even turn the engine over. It just doesn't have the chip to get the engine to start. Not surprisingly I have not had any issues since I took the trunk key off my keychain.

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