Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Extremists

This is prime stuff. 

Permanent Link to Clear your desk of family photos-

What's really great is that the point of the article isn't to tell people to clear their desk of family photos.  In fact, the question is posed "how many personal items should a person have in their office".  The question wasn't "Will I lose my birthday if my boss sees a picture of my wife on my desk?".  As it turns out, the suggestion is that only 1 in 5 objects should be of a personal nature.  Once again, why the "Clear you desk..." bit? 

I can only assume that it was to drum up readership.  Which it did.  It worked on me (obviously), and I want my five minutes of life back.  What reasonable person has a greater personal item ratio than 1:5?   Oh wait...I had a very nice boss who's office was nothing but personal items.  Perhaps I'll send the article to him.

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