Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Hockey Tree

Ever wanted a tree that could grow really funky smelling hockey gear?  Me either.  I'd prefer one that grows fresh hockey gear.

The problem with playing hockey is that your gear gets really really nasty.  It's expensive, and it doesn't wash up well.  I dare you to put a set of shin guards and hockey pants in your washing machine.  If you do something really, really silly, like leaving your bag in the car for a couple weeks you can guarantee that it will mold.  Unless its winter, in which case you get to wear frozen gear that goes instantly from cold to wet.

Since my wife and I both play, we have a problem.  Our gear needs to be dry, but it smells really bad and will probably always smell really bad.  We used to strew it around the living room overnight night and put a fan on it.  We had to stop when the neighbors across the street started complaining about the smell.  Through two sets of closed windows.

We needed a good way to dry our gear without wasting a lot of space.  The obvious solution was to buy a rack for hockey gear.  I'm too cheap though, so I made a custom hockey tree for about $10 out of 5/8" dowels and a set of 2x4s.


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